I know it’s been a minute, so let me take this time to tell ya’ll about THE STRUGGLE I’ve had trying to get all of my documents in for EPIK. I called myself trying to “stay ahead of the game” and sending in my application by mid-February. Completing the application and getting recommendation letters were the easiest part of the whole process. Then, I applied for my CRC at the beginning of March. I already had my transcripts so I thought everything else would be a breeze. I was soo wrong.

1. FBI CRC – So the application for the CRC is not difficult and can be done fairly quickly. I was able to get fingerprinted during my lunch break and I sent my application off the same day. 5 weeks later, I decide to call and check up on the progress of the CRC. Great news: They actually sent it out that day and I should be receiving it soon. 2 weeks later: still no CRC. I call the FBI back and they told me that I should’ve had it already, but if I don’t get it within the next week I should call back. A week later, STILL NO CRC. Called the FBI back and spoke to Brenda (bless her heart, she’s a doll) and she told me to write a letter to the FBI explaining the situation and a new address that I should get the CRC sent to (she even told me exactly how to word the letter) and scan it to her. She sent it out the next day, and a week later, CRC is in the mail. Unfortunately, this was the last document that I was waiting for, so after sending it off to a channeler to get it apostilled, I wasn’t able to send in my documents until June 10. THAT’S MID-MARCH UNTIL JUNE 10th. There is not an emoji that I could use to sufficiently show how stressed out I was.

2. Apostilled diplomas– Left work early so that I could go down and get my degrees apostilled (this is after my ass messed up and got the copies of my diploma notarized by a regular notary, sent it to be apostilled and had it sent back to me with instructions to get my life together lol). I was at the office and was told that I need to make new copies of the diplomas since the notary wrote on the previous copies. No big deal. I did it and got back in line. (Here is where I’m going to insert the back story. It was 12:45pm, the lines were long, AND the office that apostilles documents closes at 2:30pm. This office is also about 5 long NYC avenue blocks away from the office). 1:15pm: I am now line to actually get my documents notarized. This line is quick, and the lady is super efficient. I’m feeling like I’m going to make it! I get in the line to pay, and this is when shit gets real. The man at the register is the SLOWEST person I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not exaggerating; the line is literally moving at a glacial pace. Time ticks by, and I’m sweating because I’m feeling like I won’t make it. I finally get to the front of the line and pay and I look up at the clock. 2:15pm. F@#!. I run like a crazy woman down those five blocks like it was my job. I’ve never run so fast in my life, and that’s saying something considering I’m light on my feet. I get to the apostille office, look at my watch and see 2:31pm. I smile, and look up just in time to see the man put the sign up that says APOSTILLE OFFICE NOW CLOSED. I missed it by 1 lousy minute. I was livid but life goes on. I still had to send my documents off to the Department of State to be apostilled because I couldn’t take more time off work. So, what did that mean? MORE WAITING.

3. Sending in documents – In all the drama to send off my documents to EPIK as early as possible, I managed to send my documents June 10th. I was tracking that package like a hawk. I was so excited to hear the news that the package was delivered. HAPPY DANCE!!! That was until I received the email from my coordinator that I’d forgotten to include my POE letter (Proof of Teaching Experience) that would couple with my Master’s Degree to get me Level 1 pay. I couldn’t believe it, but sure enough, the letter was sitting on my dresser plain as day. Fortunately, this was a small hiccup as I was able to scan and send it to my coordinator the next day without a hitch. But it did somewhat delay the processing of my documents.

I’m finally at the point where all of my documents have been sent and I’m waiting to be placed. MORAL OF THE STORY: GET YOUR DOCUMENTS IN AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Life happens, and shit may not work out perfectly so you want to have a little breathing room in case things go awry. I’m thankful for all of the people who helped me get to this point: my boss (who kept allowing me to leave early), Brenda at the FBI office (hey gurrl lol), my EPIK coordinator, etc. This process can be daunting but you can get through it and hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Talk to me, loves!! Tell me about your experience getting in your EPIK documents. Was it drama for yo mama, or was it easy as pie? Comment below. Talk to you later!!



  1. Anny says:

    I was wonder where is New York you got all of this done I applied and it wouldve be so useful to know that you just can’t get it notarized by just any old notary


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