Learning Basic Korean

Hey lovelies!!

While I’m waiting to find out my EPIK placement, I figured that it would be a good idea to start brushing up on my Korean. Since I don’t want to spend a lot of money, I looked for cheap and easy sites and apps that I could use on the go. Here are some that I’ve found and have been using for the past couple of weeks.

1. TalktomeinKorean.com This is my favorite website for helping to learn basic Korean conversational phrases. They have grammar lessons, audio lessons to learn conversational phrases, and PDFs of lessons that you can download and print to use on the go. They also have many videos about korean culture as well. This is definitely a site to check out!!

2. KoreanClass101.com This is another website that’s helpful for learning Korean pronunciation and basic Korean phrases. They also have great YouTube series that focus on how to read and write Hangul, the Korean alphabet. The great thing about Hangul is that it’s pretty easy to learn and you can learn all of the characters in about a day. To begin, I used this Korean Class playlist on YouTube to help with learning to identify, pronounce, and write Hangul characters: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDE4E02F3E969D213

3. Learn Korean This is an iPhone app that I’ve been using to help with learning and pronouncing Korean phrases in a variety of categories.

One thing that I like about this app is that you can favorite certain phrases and make kind of a playlist so that you can practice those specific phrases over and over. They also have an option for you to replay phrases over slower so that you can make sure to get the proper pronunciation.

4. TenguGo Korean Hangul This is another app I’ve been using to help learn, read, and write Hangul. This app is really easy to use and it also has mini lessons on the characters, as well as quizzes after each lesson.



I like to use different sites and apps because each one teaches a little differently and I find that very helpful. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to learn so let me know if you know any other great sites or apps!! Talk to you later!!


8 thoughts on “Learning Basic Korean

  1. Dre @ Sporadic Reads says:

    I am actually learning Korean right now. I have those apps on my Android and they’re very helpful. It also helps that I have a cousin and friend who have learned the language. They give tips on learning it faster. Also, checkout MindPasta.com – the owner, Ryan, have notes on basic grammar and it has audio as well.


  2. d0wnarabbith0le says:

    What a good post.Also if you want to practice or study memrise is a great app , though the website does have a lot to offer.There are also some Korean lesson there based on TTMIK.But it’s for any language so just search Korean and you’ll find a variety of courses.


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