Let Hibernation Season Begin!!!

It’s currently a rainy Saturday night in Seoul, and where am I?

Chilling in my apartment, with a cold smoo-ju (smoothie mixed with soju, my own creation) and Netflix keeping me company. Today’s depressing weather has turned me into a lazy bum who’s been in the house all day, but now I’m fighting the urge to go out and hit up a bar for drinks and dancing.

Usually, I’d just go out and dance without a second thought because, why not? But, this time, I’m sitting tight because I have now entered hibernation season! This is the time of year when it’s starting to get chilly and I begin looking forward to nothing more than running home, laying in bed, and binge-watching ratchet TV shows. (Don’t judge me.)

Sounds a little boring, but it’s actually pretty darn relaxing. It’s also a great time to save some coins so I can afford to go on a few trips in the upcoming months. I have three breaks coming up and I’m hoping to utilize all three to do some travelling. (Spoiler alert: one of these trips will be to Hong Kong!!! *does a happy dance*) Plus, I can do the same things in a bar that I can do in my apartment. I already have my drinks, and I can dance all I want. BONUS: I don’t even have to wear pants to party!!

So here’s to many upcoming nights inside relaxing with my bae Netflix. Obviously, I’m still going to go out every now and then, but it’s really not my main priority. Let hibernation season begin!!


24 thoughts on “Let Hibernation Season Begin!!!

  1. isbergamanda says:

    Right now I am really focused on paying off student loans ($1500) and saving for retirement ($400) each month., The rest is for travel and unexpected things that come up like replacing car parts and buying a new laptop. You have to have some lazy day months to keep everything on track. I also love what you said about dancing and drinking without pants. That is the best thing about lazy days at home!

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    • Mimi_90 says:

      That’s so true!! There have been so many times when I look at my bank account and could just kick myself for spending so much on nights out time and time again. But hibernation season allows for it all to balance out LOL. Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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  2. Tabitha says:

    A smoo-ju!? You are funny. I love it!! Hibernation season is definitely upon us and yes, it is a good time for saving, opting for Netflix and trash TV because Korean winters are just too cold to be out twerking. But walking the streets at night in Itaewon and Hongdae come winter, no one would ever know it given the sightings of uber mini skirts and six inch heels slipping on ice to dance. LOL!! Happy blogging!!

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  3. abigailirozuru says:

    Haha! My bae, Netflix keeps me cosy every so often too. And I love the dancing round your apartment with no pants on idea. That’s certainly one of the good things about staying home. I rarely feel guilty for lazy days like that 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  4. AdventuresWithLuda says:

    Heya! I just found your blog and I’m loving your style!! I had no idea there was a word for this, I’m also in hibernation season– a good time to sit at home, make some tea, and churn out blogs posts that I’ve been meaning to write a loooong time ago 🙂 Any good TV show recommendations?

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    • Mimi_90 says:

      Haha thanks! It’s the perfect time to get some work done, but I honestly just end up eating all of the food in my house LOL. Netflix is a blessing and a curse because I end up watching the most random shows!!! I’m currently into cooking shows (don’t ask me why because I hate cooking) but I just got into Narcos, Gotham, and Breakout Kings. You should definitely check them out!!


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