Weekend Hiking Adventure: Samsung Mountain

It’s been a while since I’ve been hiking around Seoul, so when I was invited to hike Samsung Mountain this weekend, I was actually really excited to go. Samsung Mountain surrounds Anyang City in the Gyeonggi Province, and is roughly about 477 meters (1565 ft) high.

The plan for the day was to hike for a bit, eat lunch at Sammak temple (one of the temples on the mountain) around noon, continue hiking and finish around 4pm. I was told that this hike was relatively easy, and that wearing sneakers would be ok since I don’t have hiking boots.

Around 10 am, I arrived at Gwanak station and met up with my group. This seems to be a popular place for people to meet up with their hiking groups because it was extremely crowded. Once our entire group arrived, we headed towards the hiking trail (directions at the end of the post).

Although this hike was relatively easy (it only took about 4 and a half hours), there were sections that were icy and incredibly slippery, due to the snow that fell a couple of days ago in Seoul. Some parts of the trail were a hot mess. The was mud, wet leaves, ice, snow, and jagged rocks definitely made me regret wearing sneakers. This mountain was a lot more rocky than other hikes I’ve been on, and there were sections were you were basically rock climbing. But…. I DIDN’T DIE!!


The views from the mountain were gorgeous!



Koreans doing some serious hiking!


I laugh, because what else can you do once you sit right in a pile of snow??


On Sundays, Sammak Temple provides free noodles for hikers. Since it temple food, it’s  vegetarian. It was really tasty!


Made it to the top!


Another Temple on Samsung Mountain (can’t remember the name, sorry!)


One interesting thing about hiking in Korea: you’ll always make some new friends!






In true Korean fashion, we headed to a nearby restaurant for some food and makgeoli once we finished our hike!

It was such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially since I haven’t hiked in a while. So here’s to many a couple more winter hikes in Korea, after I buy hiking boots, gloves, and crampons, of course!

Getting to Samsung Mountain:

Take Line 1 to Gwanak station and get out through Exit 2. Walk straight to the end of the block and make a right. Walk to the first crosswalk called Mt. Gwanak Trail and cross the street. Head right until you see stairs heading to Gwanak trail.


16 thoughts on “Weekend Hiking Adventure: Samsung Mountain

    • Mimi_90 says:

      It’s actually soo fun!! And this is from someone who usually avoids exercise like the plague. So many Koreans hike ALL the time, especially since mountains are so accessible. There are mountains all over Korea (I can actually walk to one from my apartment). While I’m struggling to make it to the top, 60 year olds AND they’re 8 year old grandchildren are passing me like it’s nothing!! Have you ever been to Korea??


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