My Introduction Video: Teach ESL in Korea

Hey lovelies!

If you’ve read my last post, you know that I’ve decided to teach abroad next year. I’ve started getting the ball rolling with some of my applications and materials because I really want to set myself up to get a position. As per my recruiter’s recommendation, I’ve made a youtube video introducing myself to potential employers in Korea.

In an introduction video, you should highlight your education background, relevant work experience, and explain why you want to teach in your country of choice. According to my recruiter, it’s also important that the video is short (under 3 minutes) because employers are looking at so many candidates and they don’t have the time to watch long videos for every applicant.

This is my first youtube video, and I was incredibly nervous, but I think it might be helpful to someone else who’s trying to make an introduction video for potential employers. Let me know what you think and I love comments and suggestions. I’m learning as I go so any feedback you have is helpful. Talk to you soon!


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