Home Sweet Home

As much as I love venturing out and experiencing new things, there is just something so magical about being home and being surrounded by family and friends. Being away from home for a while makes you realize how important the little things are. Catching up with friends, watching movies with the family, or riding around the city are moments that I truly appreciate. Don’t get me wrong though, the BBQ are pretty amazing too!

Plus, coming home is a chance for me to explore and to be a tourist in my own city.


Spruce Street Harbor Park, my new favorite spot in Philly!


I wanted to ride on the swan boats, but maybe next time!


City Hall

This homecoming was a little bittersweet because I knew that I would only be home for two weeks before leaving again. However, this just forced me to use my time wisely and take advantage of every moment. And although I’m going to miss my loved ones tremendously, my vacation gave me energy and prepared me for another year back in Seoul!


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