Summer Camp Fun: 5th and 6th Graders

The second week of my Summer English Camp was spent with 15 of my 5th and 6th graders. I really enjoy my time with the older students. I can have a different kind of fun with them; they have a little more personality, most of them know a little more English, and our activities can be a little more exciting. Here are some of the activities we did this week during camp!

Musical Chairs: a great activity for the first day of camp to help students have fun and loosen up. I also let some of the students who were out choose the songs, and they really enjoyed that!

wpid-1438411403763.jpeg   wpid-1438411404853.jpeg

wpid-1438411407743.jpeg   wpid-1438411406467.jpeg

What’s your dream job? Students learned about some exciting jobs (i.e., ice cream taster, roller coaster tester, sky diving teacher, etc.), discussed their dream jobs, and made business cards.

wpid-1438411398008.jpeg   wpid-1438411401649 2

wpid-1438411394560.jpeg   wpid-1438411390671.jpeg

Let’s go shopping: Students made items for their store and used key expressions to buy and sell their items. They also had fake money to spend, and they had a BLAST! Each student had $30 to use, and one student bought and sold so wisely that he had $71 at the end of the activity.

**Note: It might be a good idea to have students bring in small, inexpensive objects for them to price and sell. It would take this activity to another level!**

wpid-1438411358288.jpeg   wpid-1438411344663.jpeg

wpid-1438411359860.jpeg   wpid-1438411364188.jpeg

wpid-1438411329826.jpeg   wpid-1438411340364.jpeg

wpid-1438411347815.jpeg   wpid-1438411352043.jpeg  wpid-1438411350528.jpeg

Travel: We learned about the continents and learned about a few countries. We also talked about where they would like to travel and what they would need. Then they made their own passports with their dream travel destinations.                                                         wpid-1438411312781.jpeg    wpid-1438411316723.jpeg


Can you come to my birthday party?: We learned about months, days, and ordinal numbers. We also learned how to invite someone to our party or event and made invitations.

wpid-1438411375133.jpeg   wpid-1438411388114.jpeg

wpid-1438411389318.jpeg   wpid-1438411381440.jpeg

wpid-1438411386172.jpeg   wpid-1438411384033.jpeg

Potato Sack Relay Race: The students actually really loved this! It’s the same relay race that we all grew up on! Shout out to my co-teacher for getting the sacks because I had no idea where to get them.

**Note: This game would be even more fun if it is played outside, but it was raining and the larger rooms in the school were occupied. But they still had fun!**

wpid-1438411261388.jpeg   wpid-1438411265785.jpeg

wpid-1438411267744.jpeg   wpid-1438411281731.jpeg

wpid-1438411289193.jpeg   wpid-1438411278268.jpeg

Egg Drop: This is the classic egg drop activity that most of us have done as children. I gave them some materials (balloons, paper, straws, tape) and an egg. Their mission was to use the materials in order to prevent their egg from breaking when dropped.

**Note: This activity would be better if the egg could be dropped from the second or third floor window. However, it was raining, and there are gardens right outside of our window, so we couldn’t do that.**

wpid-1438411314550.jpeg    wpid-1438411311001.jpeg

wpid-1438411305388.jpeg    wpid-1438411302271.jpeg

wpid-1438411300394.jpeg    wpid-1438411303794.jpeg    wpid-1438411297867.jpeg

Although we did other things this week (including making cupcakes in a cup), these were just some of our activities. If you taught English summer camp, what successful activities have you done with your students? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know!


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