Summer Camp Fun: Dance Day!!

Honestly, for me, one of the best parts of teaching English Camp is Dance Day. Sure, I enjoy playing games with my students and helping them become more confident with their English speaking abilities, but there’s something so fun about the whole class getting up, dancing, and having a good time.

During the Winter English Camp, I taught the students the Cupid Shuffle, the Macarena, and the Cha Cha Slide. (Shout out to BSSK for helping me come up with some fun songs for students to dance to!) It was so fun!! When teaching the dances, I began by introducing the song and showing them the music video. This helped them to get excited to learn the dance. Then, I went over any vocabulary that they needed to know and I taught the steps. Then we’d practice the dance a few times and have a dance competition between the boys and girls. Here’s the video from last year:

Since Dance Day was such a hit last English Camp, I decided to bring it back for my 3rd and 4th graders. Since my co-teacher really liked the Cupid Shuffle, we decided to do it again! We also incorporated the Wobble, Gummy Bear, and the Sid Shuffle (from Ice Age 4) into our dance day. We also did the Hokey Pokey and the 5 Little Monkeys, but I didn’t record it. Check it out!

What kind of dances should I do for Dance Day next time? If you did English Camp, what fun songs or dances did you do?


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