Adventure in Gyeounggi-do

Hi lovelies!!

The weather is getting nice, so last weekend my friends and I decided to go on a day trip to Gyeonggi-do with Adventure Korea. For those of you that don’t know, Adventure Korea is a dope group that organizes cultural outings and trips to events throughout Korea. The trips are affordable, organized, and have English-speaking guides that help you have a great experience.

We headed out early Saturday morning, and our first stop was Bungee Jumping. This was optional, and you had to pay extra if you wanted to do it. Although I contemplated participating, my fear of heights AND my inability to swim (the platform was over the river) got the best of me. Plus, the bungee jumping platform looked a little too much like construction scaffolding, and I wasn’t feeling that damn adventurous! Although I didn’t take the plunge this time, I think that I’ll be putting bungee jumping on my bucket list!


The construction scaffolding…. um, I mean, the bungee jumping platform LOL


I didn’t have the guts to jump, but a few people did!!

After bungee jumping, we headed to Yangpyeong to the Freshwater Fish Museum. This was basically a small aquarium with different kinds of freshwater fish. There are only 2 floors, and the second floor is geared mostly towards small children. But they do have an outdoor touching pool where you can see the fish up close and touch them. Unfortunately, it was closed when we went, but we could still see the fish.


They had a catfish that was 21 years old!! We named him ‘Bubba’ LMAO



Next, we went to a small strawberry farm to pick our own strawberries!! There are so many strawberry festivals happening in Korea around this time, but going to a farm to pick our own was easier and was much less crowded. Also, it gave us time to do other activities throughout the day. Admittedly, I expected the farm to be bigger than it was, but it turned out to be big enough for all 18 of us to eat as many strawberries as we’d like AND fill up our containers with strawberries to take home!


There were about 13 of these greenhouses and we walked up and down the rows picking our berries.


Juicy, red strawberries!!



Obviously, I was too busy eating my strawberries instead of picking them to take home LOL

Then, we headed to a small village nearby to participate in some Korean traditional activities. We made steamed strawberry bread with red bean paste inside. It was actually pretty fun and we could make the bread into any shape that we wanted!


Putting red beans inside of our strawberry bread!


Yes, that’s penis-shaped piece of strawberry bread, and NO, I didn’t make it LMAOOO


My finished product!! I made heart-shaped strawberry bread!

While we were waiting for the bread to finish being steamed, we played games and just had a good old time!


Being a big kid on the swing!!

After we finished making our bread, we walked to the river to do some “rafting.” This was an interesting experience, considering I’d never seen any rafting like this. Not only did the raft look like it was part of the dock, but, due to the drought, we had to pull a rope in order to make the raft move.


Posing on the raft!!



Then we hopped on a tractor for a short, but very bumpy tractor ride. I wished it was longer, but I really enjoyed it, especially the part where it drove into the river!!


Riding in the remodelled tractor

Then, a few of us went to go ride ATV’s. This was another optional component of the day, but it was only ₩5,000 to ride around the track. This was super fun, but I wished we could’ve rode a little longer!!



You’d think we’d be exhausted by now, but we were just gearing up for one of the most exciting parts of the day: making pajeon (Korean pancake) and all you can drink makgeoli!! Turn down for what!!!


Cooking up some Pajeon!!




Enjoying our food and drinks!!

Once we were done, we hopped back on the bus and headed back to Seoul. This was definitely a jam-packed day, but it was super fun! I’m definitely planning to go on more Adventure Korea trips in the future, so I’ll definitely keep you posted!!

Until next time!!


10 thoughts on “Adventure in Gyeounggi-do

    • Mimi_90 says:

      It was a blast!! You should definitely do it if you get the chance. I went to a greenhouse strawberry farm, but I heard there are also farms that have taller strawberry plants too. Let me know how it goes! Thanks for reading!!

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