The Packing Games

Packing-Removals-MelbourneHi lovelies!!

With less 10 days left before I head off to Seoul, it’s safe to say that the packing games are definitely underway. I’m not kidding, my room looks like a war zone and there are lots of casualties (aka things that just aren’t making it to SoKo). One of my friends asked me how the hell i’m going to figure out what makes it and what doesn’t and I told her my packing philosophy is simple: If I don’t feel like I’m the shit when I wear it, IT’S NOT COMING.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. Before I even started looking at my clothes, I had to strategize, prepare, and plan accordingly. I’m trying to pack smart, so I had to get some aids before I even started.

Luggage: I needed luggage that was large enough to carry a lot of stuff but not too large that I would incur huge baggage fees at the airport. I was able to buy 2 29″ suitcases for about $150 that were spacious and also expandable for more room to hide things. FYI, the suitcases are lightweight and that’ll help me duck these fees for overweight luggage. Plus, they have lots of different compartments so that I can stuff more things lol

photo 2

I bought two of these suitcases and I for the bag as well!!

Space Bags: In order to make sure that I can actually fit everything I want to bring, I bought some of these bags so that things can fit. I’m planning on using these, especially for heavier things like coats and jackets so that they don’t take up the whole suitcase.


Luggage scale: Ok I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually bought this yet, but I saw one in a store for under $10 and I’ll be investing in it soon. This is going to be my new best friend once I start physically packing because I”m trying to decrease baggage fees and ensure that my suitcase isn’t overweight.

This one is only about $7 online, but I saw one in-store for about the same price

This one is only about $7 online, but I saw one in-store for about the same price

Clothing, shoes, and accessories: This is where most of my struggle lies and I’m having to do this in rounds after round 1 was a fail lol.
Round 1: separate all the clothing, shoes, and accessories I think I want to bring. Look at it and realize that’s it’s just too much shit soo…
Round 2: use the things from round 1 and separate out the clothes, shoes, and accessories I NEED to bring to Korea. (This is easier said than done and takes a lot of time, especially considering I still need to bring other things in my suitcase)

Right now, I’m still working on my wardrobe and determining what will actually make it. This is much more difficult than you’d think, but I’ll keep you guys posted on what I actually end up bringing with me.

If you have any suggestions for making this whole packing situation easier, please let me know. In the meantime, I’ll be over here in a mountain of clothes driving myself crazy.

Talk to you later lovelies!


6 thoughts on “The Packing Games

  1. tiffanymyi says:

    Let me know how the space bags work! I’ve never tried but always wanted to. Also, I’m going to be bring all of my shoes since size 8+ are gonna be so hard to find there :/


    • Mimi_90 says:

      Ok, I’ll definitely let you know how they work! I’ve never used them before either, but if they’ll give me more space in my suitcase then I thought I’d definitely give them a try! And I’m probably going to bring most of my shoes too and you’d better believe I’m stuffing everything I can inside of each shoe to utilize the space more LOL


    • Mimi_90 says:

      Try to return it!! That’s one of the reasons that I bought the dual use because I don’t have a vacuum either. I’m planning on bumming one from my family lol


      • Mimi_90 says:

        They helped so much!! I was able to put a lot of stuff in them and using the vacuum flattened it out A LOT. I was actually able to get a lot of air out too by just flattening it out. I’m definitely a fan lol


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